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by - Friday, February 09, 2018

So 2018 has already been pretty awesome for me so I thought I would share what has been going on. My second lookbook I filmed and edited went live, this time for Just A Uniform, if you haven’t seen it you can check it out here. It has gone down really well and I have had a lot of interest in Sian's Photography which is great. I filmed me third lookbook for I Am Becca and that will be live on her channel soon. I’ve have 5 weddings booked which was a target I set myself for 2018 and it’s already been hit. Pat on the back for myself, not that I did much but I feel word of mouth is spreading which is great. 

tobi denim jacket (2 of 13)

I have also been promoted at work, this is my biggest achievement so far as it was into a management role which is something I have wanted for a very long time. It’s very daunting knowing I am now going to be managing people but also really exciting too. I can’t wait to see what challenges and successes lie ahead.

tobi denim jacket (1 of 1)

Glenn and I are also house shopping, who knows what will happen and where it will lead us but we have moved from window shopping to actually knowing what we can get. We already own our current house but the next one will be the “forever home” as we like to call it.

tobi denim jacket (7 of 13)

Now this outfit. Spring isn’t here yet but this outfit has made me get all excited for it. Pretty florals and denim make me feel slightly warmer even though it’s still freezing outside. This 3/4 length jacket from Tobi is going to be the perfect item in my spring wardrobe and I can’t wait to get more use out of it. I am also really impressed with the quality of this jacket. I will definitely be shopping on their website again.

tobi denim jacket (4 of 13)

Hope everybody has got some exciting weekend plans. This is our valentines weekend in London so I am very happy it is Friyay!

Outfit Details

Jacket- Tobi
Dress- Pretty Little Thing
Backpack- Dr Martens

Photos by: Sophie Kate
I was not paid for this post but it does contain items that were gifted. All views are my own.

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