Australia Diaries- Sydney

by - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

So attempting to blog while I was away went to pot, why because there was so much to do, see and take photos off that actual blogging time was pretty small. However I am going to continue to share me experience it was a pretty epic trip.

So to carry on my Aus Diaries here are my thoughts on Sydney. For us it totally did not live up to the hype. I love cities but I will be honest I did not warm to this one and after visiting Brisbane (blog post to come on this later) Sydney is definitely not the best of what Australia has to offer. Am I glad I visited it, yes I ticked it off my list. Would I visit again, no and once you compare this post to one coming on Brisbane you will see why. However we ate some great food and did a couple of good touristy bits so this is what I am going to share.

Where we ate

1. Gowlings Bar and Grill

I did some research and booked this restaurant a few months before we even flew to Australia. I knew I wanted somewhere nice for us to go on our first night and it did not disappoint. I went for a fish dish topped with lobster and a creamy broth. Everything was cooked perfectly, the decor was right up my street with vintage vibes and the service was impeccable.

2. Hunter & Barrel

Glenn choose this restaurant on our second night. They won me over with wings and mac and cheese on the menu. I do love a fancy meal but I also love a good bit of simple food done well. The restaurant was also located on the Darling Harbour which at night is just beautiful.

3. The Potting Shed

On our last evening I messaged someone who I follow on IG who live's in Sydney asking for a good place to eat, she recommended the grounds. Within the ground was The Potting Shed. This place won hands down with regards to interior. It was just beautiful with so much greenery everywhere, a strong garden theme with pots and garden tools used everywhere and on top of that they had a parrot. The food and cocktails lived up to expectations as well. The burger was up there as one of my top burgers. This place is on the edge of the town but 100% worth the journey out to visit.

What we did

1. Bondi Beach

You cannot go to Sydney and not visit Bondi Beach. It is tiny but beautiful and so clean. I recommend you head their early as it gets so busy. We got there for 8:30ish (blame this on jet lag as that is not the normal for us) and only a small area was busy, by lunchtime it was heaving.

This was not planned in anyway, on our second night after our walk back from Hunter & Barrel we stumbled upon the doors to this garden and it looked beautiful. Stepping into a garden like this in such a busy city was a welcomed break. Stunning details and informative stops around the garden are enough to keep you entertained for a couple of hours.

3. Drank Lots of Cocktails

We visited a fair few cocktail bars which we were in Sydney and I highly recommend exploring and checking out what they have to offer. I always love finding some hidden gems and Grandma's cocktail bar is not a obvious one, it was hidden down a side street with an entrance we walked past a few times before we found it . Then down some creepy old stairs lay Grandma's bar with the offering of a peanut butter colada. It was a cocktail party in my mouth. Shame the jet lag slapped me round the face and we could only stay for one.

So there you have it, a little overview of what we got up to in Sydney.

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