Australia Diaries- Maroon Dam

by - Sunday, December 10, 2017

This December Glenn, my Dad and Myself are visiting my sister out in Australia, I have decieded while I am here I am going to blog as much as possible to create some memory posts to refer back to. We arrived safe and sound Saturday evening after spending nearly 24 hours on a plane. Once my sister had picked us up and realised it wasn't just Glenn and I but my Dad as well we headed back to hers, we chatted a bit and then pretty much passed out. We were all awake bright and early on Sunday morning ready to experience a bit of Australian life.

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Jodie and Ryan drove us up to Maroon Dam and we pitched up by the side of the water. Drinking the local larger and meeting some of their friends is was a perfect example of the lifestyle they had fallen in love with and the reason they had moved out to Brisbane nearly 4 years ago. After chatting for a bit we headed out in one of their friends boots (theirs unfortunately had a flat battery so it remained on land).

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Glenn and I then got tempted by the others to give tubing a go. Tubing is basically sitting on a large doughnut and being pulled pretty damn fast by the boot. This morning I woke up and felt like I had been in a fight. My butt is bruised from hitting the water multiple times (I learnt a bit later on that you should lift you butt up a bit so it is not hitting the waves) and my arms feel like what I imagine an intense weight session would feel like from holding onto the tubes handles so tight. However Glenn and I managed to stay on, I do think they were being a bit tame with us though.

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Around 3pm we packed up and headed back to their house. I went up stairs to get changed and had a little lay on the bed. Next thing I knew it was 7pm, this jet lag is not like anything I have experienced before. It is like you are not in control of your body. I hoping tonight I will be almost back to normal. I woke up to the smell of Indian food from their local Punjad take away. I had a curry with cottage cheese, that may sound weird but it was so nice. The cottage cheese was in large chunks and it reminded me a bit of tofu. The dish was called Malai-Paneer. My first full day in Aus was the perfect mix of chill and fun. Lets see what the rest of the week brings. 
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  1. Awesome photos !


  2. Looked like you had such a good time!!! Photos are incredible (as always).