Why I Fell In Love With Venice

by - Monday, October 23, 2017

Venice you stole my heart, not only are you the epitome of rustic exterior but you also possess beautiful colour block houses on the surrounding islands. The crumbling walls, through narrow passages lead to hidden treasures of art galleries, restaurants and bars. I only tasted a small mouthful of what you had to offer and I cannot wait to return. Because of this I have decided to share some glimpses of what I got to see and do.


Murano, Torcello & Burano

If you are only heading to Venice for a short weekend break the three island tour is a perfect way to get a sneak peak of what they have to offer. Each island is beautiful in it's own way and this tour gives you enough time to have a look around, experience what they have to offer, sip on some local wine and then decide which one you would want to re-visit to explore further. The Fishermans Island (Burano) was my favourite with the vibrant colour block houses, some of the restaurants also looked amazing with fresh food oozing of peoples plates. At Murano you get a sample of how the glass blowing industry works there and Torcello was just full of Italian authenticness.

venice venice_3


Frulala is the smallest cocktail bar I have ever visited. It is located on the edge of a small square in the heart of Venice and only has a few seats but they were always full. Their cocktails are all freshly made and they know how to put together a killer Bloody Mary. My sister actually recommended this place to me and I am so glad she did because we spent a good few hours there chatting to another couple and the lovely bar attendees.


Fresh Food

The food all tastes so freshly made, even something as silly as the tomato sauce on your pasta leaves you mouth full of flavour. I love Italian food and it did not disappoint. Find small little restaurants away from the main areas and you are on to a winner. Also make sure you visit the bakeries dotted all around, the sweet treats are only needed in small dozes but are worth allowing your mouth to taste.


So there you have it, just a few pointers of why I fell in love with Venice, I do love a city break so if you have any interesting ideas of where my next one should be please share.


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