Novi Roof Terrace Cambridge

by - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Last month I was invited to the opening party of the roof terrace at Novi. I am a huge fan of Novi it is one of my favourite places to visit in Cambridge. Not only is their food great, their cocktails are insane and they have the most incredible interior. If you live in Cambridge or are visiting soon you must check them out. The roof terrace is a great new feature and makes a great spot to chill out in the sun (if it appears again, fingers crossed). It has the running theme or great lighting and green plants that you will see throughout the inside of Novi, even the chairs are so stylish.

Look at those lights.

One day I will have a hall way big enough to have a seating area like this.

While we were there I got to try two damn good cocktails (wish I could remember what they were but can’t, however their cocktail list here is pretty special) and an array of delightful nibbles. The salmon in a brioche burger bun was just genius. There was a dj, live music and so much catching up with some lovely people. Attending these events and meeting such a great crowd really are the perks of running a blog for a hobby. 

Novi cocktails at their best, all about the garnish.

These salmon burgers were insane!

Charlotte Steggz- Blog and Alex from Bone White Chine catching up.

I made a little 30 second clip of the event so check it out below and don’t forget if you are in Cambridge soon make sure you pop into Novi and grab a cocktail or delightful smoothie. I am heading there again on Sat, this time introducing my Mum to their brunch. Tummy is rumbling at the thought. Anybody else been to Novi and love it?

This post was not sponsored, Novi is one of those places I needed to shout about. All views are my own

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