A Change

by - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Style With Friends has been a part of my life for quite a long time, it has helped me grow my confidence as a photographer and even reminded me what I loved about video work so much. Because of this I have decided that it is going to take a back seat, and although I will still be posting on here my priority is going to be my photography and video work for others, as this is what I would love to do full time.

sians photography_1

The website for Sian's Photography is up and running and has been for a while (you can check it out here) but I really want to start working on the blog on my site to drive more people to view my work and what I do. As I have a full time job I cannot create content for two blogs on a regular basis, however because I love fashion the odd style related post will still be appearing on here. However my blog on Sian's Photography will include my work, how I take my photos, how I edit my photos and how I create my video work. Throughout the next month I will be building up content so I have enough to post on a regular basis, I already have some ready that I am so excited to share.

My biggest changes will be my social media. I will still be keeping two Instagram accounts so my StyleWithFriends one to share my outfit posts and my Sians_photography for all my photography and video work. However my Twitter and YouTube accounts will change from StyleWithFriends to Sians Photography. Again this is due to the fact that I cannot stay on top of having so many social media accounts along with a full time job.

sians photography_2

I am so excited about what the future holds. I have already done some work with Sophie Kate Blogs and will continue to do so. If you haven't seen the Lookbook I did for her, make sure you check it out here. I also have some future collaborations with some other bloggers as well as some weddings to shoot. If you are looking for someone to take some portraits, shoot a wedding or help up your blog photography, and video work to another level then please get in touch here. I am always looking for new challenges and partnerships to push my creativity.

So thats if for now. When my new content is being released on Sians Photography I will let you all know on here as well, it will be mid September time. If you have read this whole post then thank you, and thank you for your support with my blog. It has got some opportunities I never thought I would have had and helped my confidence grow in ways I never imagined.

Thank you to Sophie for the photos.

Outfit Details
Dress- The Whitepepper- eBay
Shoes- ASOS
Earrings- eBay

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  1. EEEEEEEEKKKKKK, this is such exciting news!!! I physically can not wait to create a look book with you. I am so sure that you will be doing this as your full time job in no time.

    Big Love,



    ps. That Whitepepper Dress is everything, I used to love that shop!!

  2. The beauty about this place is that they give you a somewhat blank canvas where you can create the wedding you envisioned, etc., which will be different from others. The staff at NYC wedding venues is incredible and professional.