The Wedding Series- Video

by - Friday, June 16, 2017

So this post has been sitting in my drafts and I have only just realised it never went live. It was meant to go live on our wedding anniversary, better late then never hey! I would highly recommend to everyone to have a wedding video because it just captures it in a way photos don't. You really get a feel for what the day is like and whenever I am having a bit of a pants day it always cheers me up.

Kieron who shot the video actually used to be one of my students. I always I knew I wanted an ex student to film my wedding day because I come across so many talented young film makes who just need a break. I love the fact that since our wedding he has shot another 3, seriously go check them out here because he is so good.

The style of the wedding video was to be relaxed starting of with a slower tone to show the morning and ceremony and then picking up when the party begun. We knew we didn't want any sound and it was more just about capturing the moments. The two music tracks are key to our wedding and just really compliment each section.

So there it is my last wedding post, now I just need someone else's wedding to help plan to curb my wedding creative needs. Make sure you check out Kieron's site here.

Sian & Glenn | 21st May 2016 from Kieron Exley on Vimeo.

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