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by - Thursday, April 13, 2017

My first wedding anniversary is creeping up which means my wedding series posts will be coming to an end. There is just one more to share after this one which makes me sad as I every time I write a post I re-live the whole day....and what a perfect day it was (of course I'm biased). Today’s wedding series post is all about the suppliers we used, these are all based in the Cambridgeshire area.

The Highfield Event Group

These guys are a really great marquee company. They help you out anyway they can and even came back to help us with a lighting issue we had encountered when they had packed up and left. Feed them with cups of tea and cake and they will surely appreciate it. Just two pieces of advice, when you first get sent your quote it doesn’t include VAT so make sure you add this on, also it tends to be a basic overview of a quote and you are more then likely going to need more then what you have asked so consider this with your budget, for example needing extra plug sockets. They put up with my harassing emails and control freak ways so well and I really commend them for that as I did ask a million and one questions, but you are spending a lot of money so don’t be afraid to keep asking as you are only meant to get married once.
Link here

Big Day Catering

The food was insanely good, I can’t rave about this catering company enough they have high standards and completely understood our vision. We had brought our alcohol from France in advance and they served it for us bringing the wines out in the ice detailed coolers (the one thing I don’t have a photo of but to give you an idea of what they looked like check out the product to make them here as they have examples). Beef wellington is both Glenn and I’s favourite meal and we always knew we wanted it for our wedding dinner. So many of our guests came up to us after the meal and told us it was the best food they had had at a wedding. Seeing as we are both quite foodie this really meant a lot. Our dessert was a trio of desserts, couldn’t be any other way, with sweet teeth one choice of dessert was not enough. We had a white chocolate cheesecake, back to front profiterole (which was the best) and a chocolate brownie. Then for the evening it was a good old hog roast, followed by all the lovely cakes made by bridesmaids and family.
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Jinjabird-599 copy

Confetti Bomb

This was Glenn’s doing again, he showed me a video of one and we were like we have got to have that. It is not too expensive and really effective especially as we kept it a secret and knew exactly when we wanted it to go off. 
Link here


All the photos I have used throughout the Wedding Series posts were from our photographer Ben. I have spoken about our engagement shoot here and if you are getting married I highly recommend having one so you know how you connect with your photographer as this is so important. Ben was perfect and so was his work, as you can tell from the final images. He completely understood what we wanted and captured some beautiful moments I will treasure forever, arriving on a tractor, cutting the cake and shacking (dancing for those that haven’t heard of this term) out on the dance floor. Really do check out his work he offers a very good price and is worth every penny.
Link here


The videographer was someone who I used to teach. I always new I wanted a previous student to shoot my wedding as I wanted them to use it as a platform to get their talent out there. Kieron always stood out to me as such a talented videographer when I used to teach him. He just shoots beautifully and has a great eye for an edit. I will be sharing the video in my last wedding series post if you haven’t seen it yet, but do check out his website here as he has shot a couple more weddings since then, the most recent is just stunning.
Link here


We had a humanist wedding and Vanessa was the lady who conducted it, if you are not sure what a humanist wedding is there is loads of information on the web. Basically it is non religious and the believe that everyone should be treated the same. A humanist wedding is very personal and about the couple. Vanessa was just perfect and I would highly recommend her if you want a wedding that is all about you guys.
Link here

So there we have it I have shared our main suppliers based in the Cambridgeshire area. We also had an amazing DJ but I cannot find his details anywhere to recommend which is rubbish as he was so good. Glenn and I were very particular on the music we wanted and the order we wanted it to go in. Because of this we had created a plan for each hour of the types of music we wanted. It started with some old stuff Motown style and slowly built up to house and DnB towards the end of the evening. If you love your music doing a plan is a perfect way to get what you definitely want. 

Hope everyone has got some lovely plans for the Easter break, I am off to stay in a cabin. Cannot wait to chill out, read and just enjoy each others company for a few days.

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