OOTD ft Vintage & Primark

by - Sunday, April 02, 2017

vintage and primark_3 vintage and primark_2 vintage and primark_5 vintage and primark_1 vintage and primark_4

OOTD Details

Top- £10 The Whitepepper on eBay (no tops left but they have the skirt here)
Jacket- Vintage
Trousers- £5 Vintage from Blitz London
Shoes- £6 Primark

I always find vintage trousers just seem to fit me better, they are always comfy and don't feel like they are suffocating my legs. This outfit is all shades of blue, the top I love because of the embroidery of the random objects. I have the skirt that matches as well and will share an outfit post soon with them both together. This leather jacket is so eighties and was a gift from my Mum's friend. She was clearing some stuff out and mentioned it to my Mum and she thought of me straight away. I blooming love it. The sleeves and shoulders are padded and the right kind of lose fit. Finally the £6 Primark gems. I don't know what it is with me and Primark shoes but whenever I pop in I route around the sale section and always find some goodies. I need to learn to buy them in twos though as they never last long and I always wear them to death. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed the lovely weather we have had this weekend. If you saw my IG story you would have seen the medieval banquet I went to last night. It was really good and if you haven't experienced it I highly recommend, my mouth hurts from all the laughing today.

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