Murad Age Reform Starter Kit

by - Thursday, March 16, 2017

I have never done a beauty post before because I am not really one for applying a variety of creams to my face or body. I do have a love for good make up and the older I get the more aware I am becoming of what I put on my face. I am still a big believer that there is nothing wrong with soap, water and a gentle moisturiser that doesn't have to cost the earth, however on my Y Spa visit back in Jan (if you haven't seen my post check it out here) in my goody bag I was very lucky to be gifted some Murad products. The gift box consisted of 4 elements. I looked and was like how lovely but I'm never going do that everyday....that was until I started using them. I started using it once a week at first as I felt using something everyday might have an effect on my skin, so wanted to trial it out first. I found myself wanting to use them everyday as my skin felt so great on the day I did use it. It is now part of my morning routine. Because of this I thought I would share how I use it and why I love each step.

murad beauty

Step 1- Murad Refreshing Face Cleanser

At first I was worried about using this as it has quite a strong smell. I am not a massive fan of the smell as it is a bit chemical and this completely throws you off. With a chemical smell I automatically thought it would be harsh on my skin but I actually find the product really gentle. Once I got past the smell It really helped to make my face feel refreshed and energised in the mornings rather then dehydrated and stressed. I use this as part of my routine in my morning shower.

murad beauty_1

Step 2- Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

Once I have finished my shower I pat my face and add a small amount of this product. It's non greasy and glides across my skin to help it feel rehydrated and ready for step 3. Again not the best smell but it is a very gentle product. It is meant to help reduce lines and help plump skin. I do feel my skin feels much healthy once I have applied it.

murad beauty_3

Step 3- Murad Perfecting Day Cream

The moisturiser for me is really rich but not heavy. It immediately helps out those annoying dry patches I get on my skin but doesn't sit on my oily areas or make them overly shiny like previous moisturisers have. It feels light but has a very nourishing side to it too. It also has an SPF so great base to make sure my skin is protected.

murad beauty_5

Step 4- Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes

I've got to be honest and not entirely sure what this step is all about but I'm still doing it. I feel like if it has anti ageing elements to it it must be doing something to my eyes. I use the tiniest amount and just dab it on. It is meant to help with dry eyes and fine lines, because I have quite greasy eye lids I use the tiniest amount.

Using these products has definitely helped me feel like I am semi pampering myself a bit in the mornings. The best part about it is the fact it's not really added any time on as it takes a couple of minutes and that is all. I also feel that once I have used this age reform starter kit up I will be purchasing them myself as really feel my skin is in a better place. 

As you will see from my photos if I do need to wash my face and I don't want to get my hair wet I add a shower cap, anybody else do this or I am the only weirdo? Let me know your thoughts on my first beauty post. Would you like more? Do you have an beauty recommendations?

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