Let's Talk About Periods

by - Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yes you are correct I have created a tampon claw hand, why because I have decided being in my 30's means I want to discuss matters on my blog that are relevant to me. My blog will always mainly be about fashion because lets face it I have shopping issues but I am trying to diversify it a bit more. Anyone who knows me knows I am quite an opinionated person, can't help it and I totally blame my Mum. Because of this I am going to bring in the odd blog post where I will talk about a specific topic and the first one is going to be all about periods. 

Periods are something women have to deal with and men just don’t. A topic for some reason I feel I am not meant to talk about in public or discuss out loud….but why the hell not? It’s natural, we have no control over it so why can it make men cringe when the word is brought up. The older I am becoming the more easier I feel men have got it. No I am not going on a hate rampage about men, but they sure were dealt an easier hand. They don’t have to sit down to pee, their body doesn’t need to change to produce a child, with age they become more characterised in their features (not haggard or tainted with the 'mutton dressed as lamb' title women can get), they don’t have to deal with cellulite or periods and the menopause is something that doesn’t even cross their minds. 

Period Facts

Lets Discuss Peroids (2 of 4)
With the discussion of tampons and sanitary towels being quite prominent for a while now with regards to how much us females have to spend on them I thought I would share some key facts.

We pay a 5% VAT on sanitary products
The average period costs £492 a year
The average period last for 5 days
Girls from low income families are skipping school because they can't afford sanitary products

Having a period to me is not pleasurable in any kind of way so having the pleasure of being taxed for something that is considered a luxury kinda dampens the experience even more. This brings me back to the last point, girls missing school as they can't afford necessary items to be able complete day to day activities throughout their periods is just a joke. We live in the 21st century where pretty much everyone has a smart phone of some sort but we cannot provide free sanitary products for those in need. I would be ok with the tax we pay on these products if it was then being used to provide those who can't afford sanitary products with them. I also feel if people were more open discussing periods then young girls asking for help with getting these products wouldn't be such an issue.

Lets Discuss Peroids (1 of 4)

Yes when you look at what periods are actually about it is pretty incredible with regards to the life cycle, but if it is so incredible why is it such a taboo subject? I have got to a point in my life now where I get quite bad period pains, nothing I had ever experienced as a teenager and sometimes I want to moan about them. I always remember girls getting upset about the pain they were in at school and the reaction I initially had was 'man up it’s just a period'. Ohhhhh how I was wrong, when you feel like someone has continuously punched you in the fanny and your bowel movements are becoming so uncontrollable that you can’t not, not go for a crap in public there is one almighty slap of realisation round your face. To add to that if I went to work and someone asked me what was wrong and in a room full of men and women I announced I have horrendous period pains I would probably be considered inappropriate and receive a stare of disgust from the men in the room. Men need to be educated on periods, not just from their wives or mothers but I really feel it is something that should be openly discussed at a young age in schools. It is not a topic that should be hidden behind doors. My main reasoning for this is due to that awkward situation when you need to leave a room to change a tampon and regularly having to deal with 'oh it's the time of the month' comment when you in a bad mood.

Lets Discuss Peroids (3 of 4)

A few weeks ago I witnessed a young female not afraid to be open about this topic, she needed to change her tampon so pulled one out in front of a room which also consisted of men and jokily said “anybody for a cigar”. We all found it pretty funny and she didn’t need to slyly try and get one out of her bag and slide it up her sleeve (like I have done multiple of times) as she didn’t want anyone knowing what she was doing. Neither did she fear the question of why you are taking your bag to the loo, one I am sure some of you can relate to. I currently don’t feel brave enough to openly pull a tampon out of bag at work and stroll to the loo but it made me feel brave enough to write this post and talk about something they should definitely be more openly discussed. 

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