OOTD- Lazy Oaf Bunnies

by - Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Style with friends lazy oak outfit_4 Style with friends lazy oak outfit_1 Style with friends lazy oak outfit_2 Style with friends lazy oak outfit_3

OOTD Details

Bunny Shirt- £20 Lazy Oaf (sample sale)
Culottes- Boohoo (old, similar here)
Shoes- ASOS (old)
Backpack- £7 eBay
Hat- £5 River Island (sale)
Coat- £20 eBay

Who wouldn't want to wear a denim shirt covered in cute bunnies with pom poms for tails, or a velvet hat with two pom pom ears. Think I might be going a bit pom pom crazy here but who cares. This outfit makes me happy and makes me realise how happy I am with my style at the moment. I have always been someone who wears slightly more quirky items, but since starting this blog the confidence in wearing what I want without giving a crap what people think has just grown and grown. I think working in London has also helped with this as London style is just like a walking mood board for me. 
My favourite part about this outfit is as I was walking home from meeting Sophie Kate for brunch, (who took these beautiful photos for me, check her blog out here) a little old lady ran up to me and said "oh my, I love your hat". This made me smile.

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  1. You ALWAYS look so effortlessly cool!!!

    1. Urrrrrr so do you, you have that whole grunge coolniss going on.

  2. This cap looks so adorable !


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