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by - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back in September we visited Barcelona, I had booked it for Glenns Birthday/Christmas. Barcelona is a beautiful city. You have the beach (although man made) and a busy town all in one place. We were only there for two nights so didn't get to explore much, however explored enough to want to go back. I thought I would share some key tourist bits we did and where we ate on the Saturday because the food was just beautiful. I have also made a video diary entry for this so make sure you check it out.

Fat Tire Tours Barcelona

We arrived late Friday night and got up bright and early for our Fat Tire bike tour around Barcelona. Our tour guide was excellent and it was a great way to see glimpses of the city. The tour was 4 hours with a lunch break down by the beach. I have now decided each city I visit, a bike tour is the only way to see it if you are there such a short period of time.

Style with friends Barcelona

Viana Restaurant

For the Saturday night which was Glenn's actual birthday I had booked a restaurant I had found on TripAdvisor a few months before. The food was stunning, the menu was small because everything is very fresh and made to perfection. We had octopus as one of our tapas choices so it was nice to give something different a try. Viana is also a tiny restaurant so it feels very personal when you are there which I loved.

Style with friends Barcelona_3

La Terrazza

So we went to a club on the Saturday night, again this had been researched before we went and Glenn had actually brought tickets. You need to get a taxi to this open aired club though as it is quite a bit out. The setting is beautiful and they had really good house music playing, no David Ghetto annoyingness being played at La Terrazza.

Style with friends Barcelona_6

Camp Nou Tour

I had also booked the Camp Nou stadium tour in advance and with a hang over we went along. To be honest I was quite blown away about how much there was to see. I was literally expecting it to take half an hour max but the museum section was packed full of information and trophies. If you like football or are planning on visiting Barcelona with someone who does I would definitely recommend this.

Style with friends Barcelona_4

So that is my little lowdown on Barcelona, we went on the second from last weekend in September and as you will see from the video diary below they had a weekend festival going on which they do every year as a big celebration. It was pretty amazing to see but even without it I know we would have loved Barcelona, if you have not been add it to your list.

Where we stayed
Where we ate
Bike tour
Stadium tour

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  1. I've never done a bike tour before - I LOVE walking tours!