The Wedding Series- The Dress

by - Monday, November 07, 2016

The Wedding Dress

So I always knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my dress as we wanted to have a free bar, so instead of spending thousands on my dress we put it towards you do. So my dress was from eBay, yep you read right I had an eBay wedding dress. I have a very clever mum who was able to adapt the dress and make it very unique. There were two main things she did, one added buttons down the arms and two made the back like no other dress. I sent her some ideas of how I wanted the back to be and she hatched a plan on how to create it. This meant I had the low back I was looking for with draping pearls. The back actually became the of centre of attention as I got so many comments about it. As I didn't have a long trail I knew I wanted a statement veil. Again it was ordered off eBay and adapted to create the slightly boho look I was going for. My mum pinched the sides together and created holes for my headpiece to go through. Everything together ticked all the boxes for the slightly vintage style dress I had in my head. 

british wedding_9 british wedding_4 

I didn't stop there though, I also had a second dress. I love to dance (or as my friendship group says shack out) so I knew I wanted something shorter for the evening. Again I was not interested in parting with loads on money and new I wanted a vintage dress. I had a style in mind so went on the hunt. I had set myself a bit of a challenge though because the layered ruffle look I was going for rarely popped up. Luckily I had a while until the wedding so after a few failed attempts I saw one very similar on eBay yet again, from a vintage shop in America. Even with postage it came to £99, the only problem was it was full length and I wanted it to my knees, and came in what I think was a uk size 6. I went to my mum again and she worked her magic removing some layers and making the back so it was tied by ribbon instead of a zip. This dress was great for creating shapes on the dance floor and I am planning on having it died another colour so I can get lots of wear out of it.

british wedding_10 british wedding_8

The Shoes

I am a big shoe fan so I knew I wanted something unique on my feet. My shoes actually cost more then both my dresses put together but I will be wearing these beauts more then once. They were from a wedding shoe designer called Harriet Wilde. The pattern is laser cut onto the leather and they are a thing of beauty. The bridesmaid shoes also had a slight laser cut theme to them as well. I wore the shoes around my home a lot before the wedding day and I lasted pretty well in them, I took them off just before the Rhianna mix which I think was about 8:30pm (yes I had a solid half hour of pure Rhianna as she is my guilty pleasure).

british wedding_7

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Not only did my wonderfully talented mum help me create my dream dresses she also made every one of my bridesmaid dresses from scratch. I had ten bridesmaids so that's a lot of dresses. All the dresses were the same at the bottom but there were five different styled tops. As my mum was visiting my sister in Australia with a stop off point in Thailand over a year before the wedding she decided to see if she could buy the material from there. She brought the most beautiful lilac material, tulle, lace and ribbon all coming to no more then £25. This meant each bridesmaid dress came to just over £2. However my Mum did spend hours making them, but she really helped create bridesmaid dresses again that no one else would have. In the photos the colours really popped and with the flowers and men's suits it was like a purple, blue dream. My older sister also came along with her craftiness and taught me how to make flower crowns, we spent hours bending and wrapping wire with blue and white flowers. She taught me a skill I am still using now and I was/am so lucky to be surrounded by talented people.

british wedding_5 british wedding_3 british wedding

My mum worked her butt off for me and I couldn't have been more thankful as she truly helped make it the most memorable day.

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  1. these lilac dresses are wonderful, your wedding dress looks like a dream, and these shoes... heaven! So beautiful, and your mom did an amazing job with all of these... I'm totally in love <3 my wedding dress was really minimalistic but I just love watching others wearing fancy hippie, boho and vintage pieces...

  2. Your dresses are amazing, so pretty! Love the Bridesmaid dresses too, and it is so lovely that your Mum made/altered every dress. I think that's SO special! She's very talented.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

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