Kaleidoscope Spring Summer 17

by - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

What do you think of when you think about the clothing line Kaleidoscope? For me it was slightly mumsy, a bit boring and very classic. This was the opinion I had before I attended yesterdays press event for the new S/S 17 collection. Being in my 30’s shops like Topshop are becoming less appealing to me, I am not into the short shorts or tight fitted body-con styled items any more but I still like unique, standout pieces and consider myself a more trendy 30+ female. Because of this I attended this event thinking I wouldn’t get excited about what I would be seeing. However I was pleasantly surprised. The Spring Summer collection consisted of loud prints, bright colours and interesting shapes and materials. There were quite a few items that if I could I would have purchased there and then. It seems Kaleidoscope are stepping up their game.

kaliedoscope ss17_4
The new collection consists of 7 themes; Modern Savannah, City Harbour, Cote D’azur, Beachcomber, Sandstorm, Tutti Frutti and Botanist. Now I am not going lie to you and say I loved every item from all the themes as I didn’t. However I was really blown away with the young fresh ideas that were taken and matured up to create stand out pieces.


kaliedoscope ss17_2 The denim espadrilles with a pineapple print from the Beachcomber theme were a fun quirky take on a simple shoe. It made me think about the more daring brands I love, but these shoes had a much more appealing price bracket.

City Harbour

kaliedoscope ss17_6 The sheer rose jacket from City Harbour although was paired over a red dress I feel would actually be a great as a day to day piece. I could see it over denim mom jeans, trainers and a contrasting pink t-shirt. A thought it was a great take on the sheer waterproof jackets that have been flooding the festival scene this year, instead it doesn’t have to be raining to wear this one.

Tutti Fruitti

kaliedoscope ss17_8 I have only recently become a fan of swimming costumes and find it can be difficult to find ones that aren’t “frumpy” however the fruit print from the Tutti Fruitti theme consisted of a young vibrant print and a plunge neckline I would gladly catwalk around a swimming pool (catwalk in my head, plod in real life).

Cote D’azur

kaliedoscope ss17_5 I am still having a love affair (that seems to have moved into years) with culottes, so when my eyes fell upon the navy dungaree culotte I was in heaven. They look sleek but also edgy with the wide leg cut and paired with a vibrant print underneath would fit perfectly in my wardrobe.

kaliedoscope ss17_3

The new collection has something for women of all ages which I really enjoyed. It’s all about what you pair some of the stand out pieces with that makes them fitting for any age. It really opened up my eyes up to the fact that Kaleidoscope isn’t mumsy, boring and just full of classic items. Roll on January for when the collection is released as Kaleidoscope items with be joining my S/S 17 wardrobe.

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