The Wedding Series- Handmade Invites

by - Friday, August 19, 2016

Handmade Invites

I am back again for another wedding series post, this time it is all about the invites. For all the stationary for the wedding we wanted a running theme so the same style was applied, this included the font, illustrations, colours, paper and look. I designed the save the dates and invites on Photoshop and one of my very talented bridesmaids Julia drew the main illustrations. As the theme of the wedding was vintage, lace and pears I also wanted to incorporate this somewhere.

Save the Dates

The save the dates were sent out exactly a year before the wedding. There were two different types, ceremony and evening ones. These were highlighted by the colour theme, all evening ones had a blue border with ceremony ones having a purple border. The paper was a textured paper to go with the old vintage feel. Julia drew the bouquet and colour was added through photoshop. Crochet lace and a typewriter font from was used to go with the theme. The save the dates were then put into kraft envelopes and sealed with a wax seal. Again the wax seals went with the colour border of the save the date. I printed all the save the dates myself and mounted them onto card using spray glue with the help of my family. My family also helped attaching the lace to the save the date and the tag that said ceremony or evening, these were attached with double sided tape. The address/names on the front of the email were then hand typed on an old style typewriter…this took forever so something we decided not to do for the actual invites.

Textured card- Paperchase
Lace- The Range
Envelopes- Wilkinson
Wax sticks and seal- eBay

Wedding Invites

For the wedding invites I always knew I wanted it all on one document and quite liked the idea of it folding out. I searched on Pinterest for some inspiration and a long styled invite that we both really liked. I then went back to Photoshop and designed the look splitting the A4 template into 4 sections horizontally and two vertically. Sticking to the colour theme the ceremony invites had a lilac border and the evening a pale blue. Julia then beautifully drew the bride and groom and we added the bouquet from the save the dates onto it. A pearl heart was then added onto the last section of the invite, again to highlight the pearl and lace theme. Coloured ribbon relevant to the type of invite was added to the top, this was so the invites could be hung up. The folding was the hardest bit. I added faint lines for each section so I knew where to fold and had to make sure I remembered when it was a forward or back fold. I then used a ruler to help me with the folding. The honeymoon poem was one I found online and then just adjusted the odd word. The invites fitted into the same size envelope as the save the dates and again were sealed with a wax stamp.

Textured paper: eBay –this was a cheaper way as the previous paper was really expensive, make sure you go for a 240+GSM otherwise it will be to thin.
Ribbon: eBay
Peal hearts: eBay

Save The Dates and Wedding Invite cost = around £30-£40 (I messed some up so cost more then it should).

If you are not someone who likes to spend his or her time creating your own stationary style then I don’t recommend doing it as it takes up a lot of your time. I was doing it regularly over weekday evenings, but I am the kind of sad person who gets a lot of enjoyment seeing what you have created being sent out. There are some great places you can go to get them printed but it can work out a bit more expensive if you want something unique.

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  1. These are so pretty your so arty too! :)

  2. These are so pretty your so arty too! :)