Secret Garden Party 2016

by - Thursday, August 04, 2016

A few weeks ago I visited probably one of my favourite places in the world for the third time, Secret Garden Party. I decided this time I wanted a video memory of it, I left my Go Pro at home like a muppet so filmed it all on my phone instead. It is not the best quality but still holds some great memories and I know in a few months I can look back at it and smile. I have decided that I wanted to create more video diaries. I don't do talking to the camera (unless it's snapchat) so they will literally be clips edited to music. I think it will create a really nice bank of video memories.

If you are a festival goer and have not been to Secret Garden Party then visit. It is like being in another world for a few days. This years theme was space, there were random shipwrecks, alien creatures and a cyber fox. I am already looking forward to see what next years theme will be.

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