Luxemme Limited Edition Two Piece Outfit*

by - Thursday, September 03, 2015

Outfit Details
Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece- £35* Luxemme
Open Back Shoes- £10 Zara (old)

The lovely people over at Luxemme got in contact with me to see if I would review one of their limited edition two pieces. I choose the Olive Lace Trim Two Piece as I could see the potential of not only having a beautiful going out outfit but also how each item could be worn individually. The skirt with a chunky knit and over knee boots for a dinner date look, with the top being paired with my mom jeans and plimsols for a more casual outfit (expect to see both these outfits cropping up on the blog). 
When the two piece arrived I couldn't believe the quality of the product. It is really well made and worth every penny. My friends and family who have seen the two piece have all asked me where it is from, and I know I will be buying from Luxemme again. This two piece has so much potential and is just a really nice quality item. Make sure you check out what they have to offer. There is also meant to be a heat wave on the way so you will still be able to wear any of their two pieces as an outfit and then mix them up with other items for the colder weather. It's a win, win situation!

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  1. Cute top :)
    Maria V.