Dirty Bones & Designs of the Year

When I meet up with Cassy a few weeks ago we visited the Design Museum and got lost in all the great designs up for the design of the year award. We started by going round the small section dedicated to design over the years. It made you think about the necessities like a syringe and what a brilliant design it was. It opened up my eyes to all the everyday designs I now take for granted.

We then moved onto the designs that had been nominated and some of these blew my mind. There was a device designed by Lyndsey Bryce and Christopher Murphy that attaches to a cows tail and then texts the vet when the muscles start to relax because the cow is going into labour....say whattttt!!! 

The one that blew me away the most, was the 3D printed arm designed by 'Not Impossible' that helped Daniel who had lost both his arms be able to eat his breakfast on his own for the first time in a long time. Technology and how advance it is becoming does scare me, but it is changing so many lives for the better and this exhibition highlighted that to me.

After spending hours at the design museum we then headed for some food. If you love a dirty burger and you are a fan of mac and cheese then you have got to visit Dirty Bones, not only is the 70's style decor a visual treat, I cannot get the Mac Daddy burger out of my thoughts. It came cooked medium with a nice helping of pulled pork, then smothered in mac and cheese and held together by a brioche bun. It was probably one of the best burgers I have had to date. Cassy and I shared a portion dirty fries that were just as pleasing as the burger. We also arrived on time to abuse the happy cocktail hour and gave a Mutt's Nuts and a Top Dog ago, both were delicious but the Top Dog had that sweetness from a cocktail that I love.

Neither of us could resist a pud so Cassy gave the Coffee Donutini a taste and I went for the Peanut Butter Cookie Cup. These also did not disappoint but just to warn you the coffee martini was really strong.

Now the decor just topped off Dirty Bones for me and made it the perfect package for a burger restaurant. There were so many things to look at, old cameras on shelfs, 70's style lamps, patterned tiles, old pinball machines and the toilets were so vintage I felt like I had gone back in time.