Vintage Suitcase Side Table

by - Saturday, January 17, 2015

I have completed my first vintage suitcase DIY for our home so I thought I would share it with you, it's super easy but looks so effective and stylish.

To turn the case into the table you just simple add a plank of thick hard wood inside to strengthen it and then drill through it to attach the table legs, it's as simple as that. To make the table legs more interesting I followed a simple decoupage tutorial online. There are so many and it is literally PVA glue, thin paper or I used decoupage napkins (loads on ebay, the ones I used are here) a paint brush and time. I found it easy to do the legs in sections because of the shape of them and paint the glue on the legs rather then the napkins. You need to pull away the top layer of the napkin (there is normally 3 layers) discard the other two and then cut it up into strips. The napkin layer is very delicate so take your time when sticking it on. Once I had covered the whole of the leg I then painted over the top with the PVA glue. I am also going to varnish over the top of them to prevent ware and keep them nice and shiny. I now have an interesting feature in my front room that I just love. 

Enjoy your weekend lovely people and happy decoupaging if you give it a go. I've already planned out my next decoupage project.

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  1. This is looking super cute !

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