Winter Wish List

Winter is creeping in with regards to the temperature really beginning to drop. This has led to me scanning online for a variety of items I want in my winter wardrobe. 70's styled clothes seem to really be influecing my fashion picks at the moment and you can see this from the items I have chosen. The colourful prints and interesting shapes would really help my winter wardrobe not look so dull.

Winter Wish List Details

Floppy Hat £14:99 Miss Guided
Chunky Knit Cardi £28 Bank Fashion
Long Sleeved Maxi £22 Forever 21
Roll Nick Jumper £21:99 Miss Guided
Faux Leather Flares £68 Shopbop
Chunky Boots £29:99 New Look
I am forever watching 70's vintage styled long sleeved maxi dresses on eBay at the moment, however because they are all individual items I have included a similar style to what I want from forever 21.I just think with the chunky knit cardi and chunky boots it will look great as a more classy winter outfit. It's also a look that could transfer from day to night by just adding some sandals instead of boots. The roll neck is a must as it can just be thrown on with anything and you instantly feel warm and snug. However I do envision it with the crazy flare faux leather trousers. It will help dumb down the shockingness of the trousers by creating a more simple feel with the jumper. But aren't those trousers just incredible? Now where to find £70.....