Brancastor Outfit

Windy late mornings on sandy beaches with crashing waves, complemented by cosy knits and autumn boots.

Outfit Details

Poncho- Mums
Skirt- H&M
Boots- Primark

A few weeks ago we spent a late morning with my family strolling down Brancastor beach, it was rather windy and we didn't stay for long but the view was beautiful. My sister had forgotten her coat so my mum lent her this knitted poncho which really complemented her outfit. Even her wind swept hair fitted in perfectly with the surrounding. I have a lot of outfit photos to share with you over the next few weeks, using the background to compliment the look. Trying to be more creative with the outfit photos. Hope you like.



  1. The outfit and pictures are looking so lovely !


  2. Loving the poncho! Such a lovely outfit!

    Étáin xxx

  3. Loving the poncho, I'm considering buying one now!

  4. The poncho is great but that backdrop is amazing