July Top Fblogger Picks

July has been a great month for outfits and I decided to choose looks based on my body shape and what I would choose to wear. All three are quite different looks that sum up my different style tastes; sophisticated, vintage and sexy.


First up is the sophisticated look for VIXPO run by Victoria India. She seems to have weight demons from reading her posts but I feel she has nothing to worry about and always looks fab. She describe herself as:
I like cups of tea, bubble baths, orange chocolate and bargains

Keiko Lynn

Next is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Her photos are stunning, her posts are quick and to the point and she has some great tutorial content. She is also massive in the fashion blogging world so you have more then likely heard of her. Keiko Lynn. She doesn't really need a introduction just take a moment to admire this stunning vintage dress.

Sexy Naught Bitchy

Finally we have Nery Hdez from Sexy Naught Bitchy. She oozes sex appeal and photographs her outfits in some stunning locations. She is a spanish beauty with a great love for stand out dresses. She has a little statement on her blog about her blog name:

'Be Sexy
Be Naughty
Be Bitchy
Don't be Afraid'

Those are my July top picks, hope you enjoyed. Not to rub it in but hopefully I will be sipping on a cocktail by the pool in Ibiza while you read this. Don't worry the weekend is nearly here.



  1. Didn't knew one of those bloggers before.. but i'll check them out! :)