Festival Fedora OOTD

by - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You've been dancing in a festival field with the sun beaming on you for a few days now. The hair is beginning to look unloved and sorry for itself. What can you do to still remain a fashionable bunny but cover those dirty roots? A fedora of course, the hat that is known for it's festival coolness.

Festival Fedora OOTD Details

Fedora Hat- £12:99 H&M
Shorts- £5 Primark
Finge Top- £6 Primark
Shoes- £8 Primark
Vest- H&M (old)

Lol's look like Rox's just screams festival but this time with a monochrome appeal. A hat is essential to pack for that last day of your festival (especially if it's a 4 day one), and a fedora just seems to look so much better then any other style.

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  1. Looking lovely !