Discovered Marketplace

What is Discovered?

I recently received an email about an online marketplace called Discovered. At first I wasn't really interested because there are so many online marketplaces, but then I read more into what it was about and found myself intrigued by what they offer. Discovered describes themselves as:

"an online marketplace where artisans from upcoming markets sell their products directly to consumers worldwide by opening their own shops. It is a community connecting artisans and consumers and takes you on a journey around the world from your own home"

They currently have six countries on the marketplace including India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Mexico. This means some of the items are extremely unique. I found myself looking at items that would be ideal to have round my home. As much as I love places like The Range and Matalan I do love to have items I know no one else is going to have. I have created a mood board based on some of my favourite finds from all of the different categories on their site. Make sure you check Discovered out because if you like items that tell a story, scream culture and like to stand out then it is definitely for you.

My Top Pick Discovered Items.

I have a lot of holiday coming up so I am planning on doing a lot of posts over the summer and will hopefully be shooting some more videos, watch this space.



  1. Really nice list !