Pkai Hair Peterborough Part 2

by - Friday, June 13, 2014

As you saw in my previous post on Pkai Hair Peterborough here I made a drastic change to my lilac, green tinged hair. I would recommend you lovely lot go check it out. There are not many hairdressers who really offer bright, bold, standout hair colours and it is normally something you have to do yourself. If you’re like me, doing it yourself is great for a short period and then it gets annoying and tedious. I love visiting a hair salon and having someone else do it for me and when PkaiHair got in contact I jumped at the opportunity of still being able to build in bright colours to my new look, but by actually visiting a hairdressers. I went in for my consultation with Donna first to have a discussion about what it was I wanted done. Donna went through the colour chart with me and discussed what would be best to remove my current colour and then the best dyes to use to get the look I wanted. She clearly knew what she was talking about as she highlighted colours that would work best to get rid or reduce the green tinge I had compared to colours that would enhance it. After my consultation and skin test, we booked the date. I left feeling satisfied that Donna knew what she was doing and I was in capable hands.

Peterborough Venue

As a venue Pkai Hair is comfy, modern and has the best seats to get your hair washed in. You know that stiff awful neck you normally get? Well that doesn't happen at Pkai Hair because the seat moves so your feet are up and there is less strain on your neck. Not only that, you get a head massage while your hair is being washed so it's a proper chillaxing time. This was one of my favorite bits about my visit. 

Hair Transformation

The first step Donna took with my hair is getting rid of the colour it currently was, she washed it through with some watered down bleach to make it have a more even tone. Once it was washed out my hair was blow-dried and the Wella Professionals Illumina Colour was put on. My tips were still a bit green so Donna added some more watered down bleach and I sat under what I can only describe as a huge hairdryer for about twenty minutes. I was handed some gossip magazines to flick through and left me creating a mental list of the summer clothes I need to buy. The huge hairdryer played a little tune to say I was ready for my dye to be washed out followed by the amazing head massage I mentioned earlier.
The blue Wella Koleston Perfect Innosense Dye was then mixed up and placed on my ends. Donna did the brighter section first and when that started going the colour she wanted she added some to my ends and merged them together so it wouldn't be such a harsh line. She regularly checked the progress of the dye and when she was pleased with it she washed it out. I was already getting excited about the final outcome at this point as I could see the hint of blue. Donna then trimmed my messy ends and sprayed this glorious smelling Collexia Hair Treatment before she began to blow dry my hair with a dryer, which adds shine to your hair. The more my hair began to dry, the brighter the blue was and the bigger my smile got. She cut my fringe once my hair was dry to get it perfect and finished of with some straighteners and Wella Systems Professionals Luxe Oil, which also smelt divine.
I have had so many comments about my hair already and I am so happy with the final outcome. Pkai Hair Peterborough is definitely a hairdresser you should visit if you live local to the area. They take pride in what they do, have excellent colour specialist and are still one of my favorite hairdressers I have visited. I will be going back when my blue needs a refresh as they only charge £12:50, can't get much better than that.

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