Twisted Spring

Outfit Details
Skirt- New Look (gift)
Top- £5 Primark
Hat- eBay
Shoes- £10 Dorothy Perkins
£3:50 Necklace
£2:35 Ring

These pictures were directed and taken by my little sister (she's 13) and I think she did an amazing job. She told me exactly what to do and framed the shot how she wanted. The outfit was a really simple look as the hat speaks for itself so I wanted everything else to compliment it. I also think the shape of this outfit really compliments my body shape as it slightly pulls in at the waist. The jewellery I am wearing is from my friends eBay shop she runs, so check it out. At the same time these photos were taken I took some themed photos to showcase the jewellery with my sister as the model, I also shot a little video to share with you very soon.