April Top Blogger Picks

Last month was full of some great finds and yet more inspiration for outfits. These lovely ladies all have very different looks and shows the eclectic taste I have in style. First up is the very classic style from Epiphannie A. She used a description others gave to her in her about section that I love.

‘headstrong, nutter with a short attention span’

 Her outfits are very sophisticated but with great popping colours. Every time she posts I expect her looks to put a smile on my face. Make sure you check out her YouTube channel as well, especially the video using coke cans to curl your hair.

Next up is Broke As Hell from the very sweet Allison. She has this cute, girly, grungy style going on. She describes herself as:

I'm basically your standard teen that curses like a sailor and stands at an inbetween height of 5"2-5"3 that's always sleeping and living in my man cave. 

Her mixture of Taiwanese and Welsh give her this incredible stand out look which compliments her style. I also enjoy her love of food, seeing as I like to eat....a lot, it's nice to see someone else who isn't afraid to dive into a large amount of pizza and doughnuts.

So those were the two newbie blogs I found and here is my favourite outfit from a blogger I have been following for a while. Xander Vintage is run by Alanna who has the cutest little boy and a figure to die for. Her looks are edgy, bright, boho and just perfection. Her blog is definitely worth a look and if you are lookbook fan you have probably seen her as she regular pops up on the hot looks page.

So those are my top picks from last month. It is super sunny here so I am going to get my tan on. Have a great weekend lovely people.



  1. Oh my, these are all such beautiful looks (and bloggers)! I especially Allison--Taiwanese and Dutch!? Too cool! It looks like she has such great personal style! Thank you for the new additions to my reading list! xx

    <(') Hoda || JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird