March Top Blogger Picks

So last month I found two great blogs for you to check out and fell in love with the look from Emma.

My first top find was from blogger Jennifer who runs two blogs, Art Style Love which I have been following for a while and 'Fashyn' which is new a blog she has decided to have purely for showing her outfits. Her looks are one of the reasons I followed her in the first place so her new blog is a delight with classic, sophisticated fashion and some beautiful street style photography.

Next up is Little Too Much from Natalie an assistant buyer and blogger living in NYC. Her looks are very simplistic and filled with great ideas for basics. Her style reminds me of Jennifer Aniston simple but stand out.

My top look is purely because this is something I would definitely put together, so it instantly appealed to my style. I grew wide eyed with envy at the chained boots and the touch of check created this grown up 90s feel that I love. This look came from the amazing Emma from EJStyle who's blog just seems to get better and better, I nominated her for the company awards this year and really hope she gets shortlisted.

So there are my March's top picks. Hope you enjoyed, if you are noticing the lack of outfit pics it's because I currently don't have a camera but they will be back ASAP. I am also planning to shoot another video next weekend when I go to see my uni girls again. Enjoy your Easter break.

If you lovely lot could vote for 'Style With Friends' for the best duo/team blog for the company awards that would be grand because without my lovely friends I wouldn't have a blog. Just click on this link here or the image below and follow the instructions.



  1. Nice bloggers !

  2. Hey this is so cool of you to feature me, thanks so much! I'll definitely vote Style With Friends in the Company Awards xx

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

    1. Thank you my love will be voting you too got a list of peps to vote for :)

  3. Thank you so much girl!! I am so honored to be featured on here with other great bloggers :)

    Thank you so much !
    Xo Natalie

  4. Hey Sian, I've just voted for you and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!