Shoe Haul

So recently I have had an obsession with buying footwear so I thought I would do a post on my lovely recent purchases. These are some of the shoes I have added to my collection over the last couple of months.

The Flatform Trainer

Office Shoes eBay store- £6:50

I have some ankle trainer flatforms but really wanted some pump type ones as well. I love the pastel yellow and feel they will be the perfect casual flat for spring summer. I'm afraid the Office Shoes discount eBay shop I used to use seems to have stopped adding items to sell, which I'm so upset about because most of my new shoes are from there and I won some great bargains. I'm not going to lie I did shed a little tear when I saw it was no more.

The Skater Pump

Topshop Metallic Skater Flats- £20

I had my eye on these for a while and was waiting for pay day. Pay day came and I headed to Topshop where there was one pair left in my size so I knew it was meant to be. I have also already ft them in two outfits and expect them to be popping up a lot because they are just perfect.

The Man Brogue

Office Shoes eBay store- £4:70

Another great win some masculine styled brogues, although I feel like I have slight clown feet in them I still love how cool they can make an outfit look.

The Jelly Shoe

Primark Jelly Shoes- £4

They were £4 and made me feel like a little girl again so I couldn't say no. I also love them with some cute frilly socks, I don't care that I'm closer to 30 then my teens.

The Office Boot

Office Shoes eBay store- £8

These boot shoes are great for work as they have a nice chunky heel and I also really like the different brown shades going on, gives them a nice two tone look.

The JuJu

Office Shoes eBay store JuJu- £2:50

These lovely JuJu jelly's were an absolute steal still can't believe I won them for that stupid amount. They will defo be going in my case for my Ibiza hols this summer.

So those are my recent footwear purchases, seriously ladies scout eBay as you never know what great deals you are going to find.



  1. Love the metallic flats ! Gorgeous !

  2. Wow Sian, seriously impressed with your ebay haul.. Iv kinda gone off ebay lately but this has given me a whole new lease of life! :) i come undone

    1. I even won a coat for £2:44 at the weekend...still can't believe it, seriously give it a go again.