February Top Blogger Picks

I've only just realised I missed January so sorry for that but here are my feb picks. I found Bang Blitz on lookbook and instantly fell in love with her style. Don't know if because I have a fringe I'm instantly attracted to people with great fringes but Cassy's hair style is perfection. I recently read in one of her posts that her bf takes the Michael our of her style. Well don't worry Cassy you are not the only one, I think men just don't get it. She describes herself and blog as:

"Hey! I'm Cassy Bhairo, a filmmaker, feminist and all round creative. Bang Blitz is my creative outlet which contains various mixtures of things that catch my eye, interest me and my own opinions."

A Fashion Fix is from Hannah who seems to make the most boring outfit look chic, classy and stand out. I think thats why I like her looks so much, they just seem effortless but you drawl over how incredible they look. She describes her blog as:

 "I started my blog earlier this year after falling deeply in love with personal styling. Styling is a passion of mine which I have fallen in love with ever since picking up my first fashion mag. After bagging a role in the Personal Shopping department for Topshop my passion for styling evolved into what some would call an obsession. I started to post my outfits onto websites such as Lookbook.nu, WIWT and Instagram, until It occurred to me that I could have my own personal blog space on the internet to keep a personal style diary."

My favourite look from last month was this little number from Sarah who blogs over at I Come Undone. I love the tartan clash and the masculine feel to her look. 



  1. Love the looks !

  2. Sian, I came on to get a link to your blog to nominate you for a libester award & just saw this! Thanks so much for the shout out... and to think my friends dont like those pants! xx (and your liebster nomination should be live on my site soon)