Masculine Female

I finally have a pair of smart dungarees to add to my wardrobe. The best thing about them is they were £8 in the incredible Zara sale...yes you read that right '£8'. I saw them hanging up all on their own but there was no price tag so I thought they must be from the new collection. I wondered around the shop to see if I could find anymore and had no luck. When I went back they were still there so I headed to the changing rooms and asked the very helpful assistant if she new. She disappeared off to find out and I had it in my heard that she was going to come back and say an amount I didn't have available to spend on them. Upon her return she revealed the price and I screeched a bit in her face and snatched them out of her hand in excitement (not even a lie). I quickly thanked her and headed in to the changing room hoping they would fit as I am blessed with slightly chunky thighs (I like to call them my tribute to Beyonce, makes me feel better). After pottering about in front of the mirror I asked my lovely friends what they thought and they quickly convinced me I needed them in my life. So here they are in a moody masculine monochrome look.

Outfit Details
Dungarees- £8 Zara sale
Shoes- £3 Office eBay
Crop Top- £4 Primark
Cardigan- Primark (old)

The Look

As the dungarees are pretty out there and I have bright purple hair I wanted to keep the look toned down so went for a monochrome feel with a muted grey cardigan. I also went for a very masculine rather then feminine look as I wore this to a casual lunch so didn't want to look overdressed. These dungarees are great though because they are very versatile, so expect to see them again but put together very differently.

The Photo
I used natural light indoors for this shoot. I positioned myself near a window so it lit what I was wearing. I was going to use the off camera flash as well but it decided not to play ball and I felt the moody look of the natural light fitted with my outfit. I had my camera on an iso of 200 because although I was near the window there still wasn't enough light. I also had the f-stop very low 1.8, this was not for a shallow depth of field but also to make sure the photo was exposed enough. My shutter speed was at 90.

The Song
This song has a moody (yep overusing that word today) deep bass sound to it and all her music videos are shot black and white so it reminded me of this look. Banks is another artist who has become an obsession of mine, cannot wait for when she releases an album.

Hope you've enjoyed my moody post, have a great weekend all.



  1. Love this outfit Sian! Can't believe the dungarees were only £8 - such a steal.

    Katie xx

    1. Thank you :) it's one of my favs too.

  2. Those dungarees are everything! My god and they look so amazing on you! and your "slightly chunky thighs" That made me giggle! You are a babe and I love your hair! x