Sophisticated 90's

Last weekend was spent in York with my lovely university girlfriends (if your a regular reader you have seen them on here before). We had such a lovely time celebrating Laura's engagement and enjoying catching up, we don't get to see each other enough. I shot a little a video of us getting ready on the Saturday night which you will see on the blog soon. I went up on the Friday and spent the evening with Julia. We watched 'Magic Mike' which if you haven't seen is a perfect film for a girly night in to drawl over Channing Tatum's hot bod. We then got up early on Sat, did a bit of insanity and then shot outfits (after a shower of course, otherwise we would be full on stinky women).

Julia's Outfit
Coat- £49:99 Mango (sale)
Dress- £19:99 Mango (sale)
Shoes- £15 Zara (sale)
Necklace- £6 Mango (sale)

Sian's Outfit
Jeans- £20 Vintage
Crop Top- £4 Primark
Hat- £2 Primark
Canvas Flatforms- £4 Office (eBay shop)

The Look
As you can see two completely different styles and I really feel both looks represent each one of us really well. Julia has a very classy, sophisticated, clean style and this look is something that represents her as a person perfectly. Me on the other hand is still being hugely influenced by the 90's style revival that is going on. I do feel it's because I was a youngster in the 90s who wasn't really interested in fashion (used to live in kappa popper trousers and strap tops....I know a load of you just cringed at the popper trouser thought, cos if your my age you owned a pair too) so I am now reliving the trend in a much more stylist way...well I hope I am.

The Photo
I actually really dislike these photo's, didn't do anything special and we couldn't open the other door so it wasn't the full on balcony shoot I envisioned. Due to this fact I wouldn't recommend the way I shot them at all so this post is more about the look.

The Song
I've chosen this song because I have been obsessing over it, showed Julia and she fell in love with it like me. If you haven't get this track in your life, it makes me think of the movie 'Drive' which is one of my fav films so I think thats why I get a warm fussy feeling inside every time I play it.

I shot my first wedding yesterday (hence the lack of posts this week, been stressing like you wouldn't believe) and it went really well so once I have edited pictures and the happy couple have them, I will share a few on here for you guys to see. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.



  1. gorgeous style!..Love your outfit combination!
    I posted a new article on my blog I’d love to know your opinion! Kiss :)