Kidecals Apple Mac Floral Keyboard

I was recently sent some keycals from kidecals to review for my blog and I must say they are brilliant. Kidecals offers a wide variety of personalised labeling as well as these unique keyboard stickers. I wanted to make sure I had them on for over a week before I wrote the review so I could let you know how durable they were. They have not disappointed, no peeling and they do not show any sign of budging. They were super easy to apply as well, you just need a little bit of patience because it can take a while. I have had so many comments about them they seem to be a hit with my students.

Just make sure when you apply them you get them exactly where you want them before you stick them down because they are very adhesive. Some of mine are a little wonky but hey perfection doesn't really suit me, I like a bit of imperfection in my life.

Just a few pointers to consider, my enter key wasn't the same shape as the sticker so I had to cut it into the correct shape. There was also a longer key sticker for a key I didn't have but had two little ones still not covered, so I had to cut the sticker left over in half. You don't notice these two little things unless your really looking for it so I was super happy with the outcome. They are also pretty inexpensive for giving your keyboard a unique stand out look. Make sure you check out kidecals and all the creative stickers they offer.



  1. This is so cute ! I love this so much !

  2. Wow, so etwas sehe ich zum ersten Mal und bin sehr beeindruckt!!!