Urban Mickey

When I began writing out where all my items for this outfit were from I realised I was basically an advertisement for Primark. I want to say I’m sorry but I’m not because my outfit total came to peanuts, so that's all good with me and my cheap skateness.

Outfit Details
Coat- £10 Primark (recent)
Mickey Mouse Crop Top- £6 Primark (old)
Black Crop Top- £4- Primark (recent)
Pinafore- £5 Primark- (recent)
Tartan Scarf- 50p Car Boot
Doc Martins- £70 Old and I can't remember where I got them from
Beanie- £2 Primark

The Look
If you haven’t noticed I have a lil obsession with tartan. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t get enough. I think it may have something to do with the fact it has such a 90’s feel and those were my teenage years. I was intentionally going for a 90s feel with this look anyway all based around the Doc Martins. I was doing a shoot in muddy weather when I took this pic so wanted to make sure my feet would stay dry. I also love all the different textures in this look wet look sleeves, cotton tartan, cord dress and matte patent boots.

The Photo
These photos have to be taken in my favorite location to date, so urban looking. I had a flash on the camera, which I haven’t used for outfit pictures outside before but it really helps to emphasis your look from the backdrop so highly recommend it. The camera was set to iso 100, f stop 3.5 (I think) and a shutter speed of 90. In the post I used a lot of clarity in bridge on the walls so you could really see the texture. Also added some gradient to the walls so they went from dark to light. Eric took these lovely pics for me but I had set the camera up.

The Song
This track has a very cool 90s sound so I thought fitted perfectly with my outfit. I am also in love with the music video and the location for this outfit shoot would fit in with it perfectly. This tracks been around a while but if you haven’t heard it you definitely need it in your like.