Smock Dress

I have decided to add a few extra things in my posts for 2014, these include a bit more about the outfit and my feelings behind it, a music track that I feel represents the look (and as music is a bit part of me I want to share some of the lovely sounds I listen to) and a little bit of information on how I took my photos. All pictures unless stated are taken by me and it can be very difficult taking pictures of yourself. I may have someone who pushes the shutter button but I have set the camera up to capture the images and this year I want to push my photography even further by introducing more lighting and that is what I did with this OOTD.

Outfit Details
Smock Dress- £5 Primark
Over the Knee Socks- £1 Pound Shop (yes you read that right ha)
Hat- £4 eBay

The Look
As I have been a lazy sloth for the last two days in not doing my hair, make up or making much of an effort with my clothing (jumpers, jumpers and more jumpers) I decided I wanted to make more of an effort today. This dress is a great casual dress and smock dresses seem to be massive at the moment. The beautiful floral print can be dressed up or down. I thought it fitted perfectly with the over knee socks and bowler cap to just add a touch of quirkiness. As it's freezing outside I still needed a cardi inside to keep me warm and this baggy, long, grey cardigan really complimented the colours in the dress. The shoes are soooooo old but I wanted to keep the outfit casual with some flat boots. The only problems is they are so old I forgot they had cracked in the bottom and ended up with wet feet...oooops. Although you may struggle with getting this dress from primark now there are some great smock dresses on boohoo for under £25 so check them out here.

The Photo
So I wanted to experiment with lighting more and I used an off flash for this photo. I placed the flash to the right hand side of me at the same level as my eyes. This created the really nice glow you get to one side of the photo. I also had all the lights on in the room, the pretty blue lights to one side to create something else to look at and a free standing small lamp on the floor to the right bent up to face me. My camera was set to an ISO of 200, F stop 3.4 and a slow shutter speed of 1/60 so you could get a slightly glow from the blue lights. I always struggle with focusing when I am taking pictures on my own so I focused on the blue lights that were near me eye level before I set the timer, hit the shutter button and ran to get in front of the camera.

The Track
The track I feel represents this outfit is Niki and The Dove- DJ, Ease My Mind. Mainly because I can imagine myself dancing around in this dress in a pool of lights which makes me think of the video.

Hope you have enjoyed this post let me know if you like the new set up. Back to work on Monday cry, cry, cry.



  1. u look so pretty!

  2. That dress is so pretty! Love this whole look really cute especially teamed with those socks!!

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  4. You look stunning! Totally love how special this outfit looks :)
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