Simple Forms

This outfit was something I put together for a weekend in Cromer. I knew it was going to be cold so had to think about layers and chunky knits. The photos my little sister took and I think she did a pretty good job yet again considering this is only the second time she has used an DSLR.

Outfit Details
Hat- Primark (old)
Denim Shirt (worn under jumper) £4 Vintage
Red Jumper- Topshop (gift)
Checkered Scarf- £10 Beales (mens department)
High Waisted Skinny Jeans- £23 New Look
Faux Leather Jacket- £25 Topshop Sale (last year)
Necklace- Gift
Cut Out Boots- £45 River Island
Tartan Socks- New Look (gift)
Rings- Art Deco, eBay, Past Times and Bohemian Collective

The Look
This is a very casual look for me. I have to be in the right mood to wear skinny jeans but I knew it wasn't going to be cold outside and huggable material always helps to keep warmth in. These jeans are also super soft so you can still breath in them. I layered them up with a denim blouse, chunky knit jumper, leather jacket and checked scarf. The checkered scarf was from the mens department but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and was going to go back and get it when I caught my BF getting it for me at the till (he's s good one). It's super soft and adds a different texture layer to the outfit. The leather jacket also helped to build up different textures and is the best for keeping me warm but still having an edge. The tartan socks I got for christmas from a friend and I just love them with these cut out boots they help make them look even more interesting.

The Photo
I set the camera up for my sister first, it was on 100 ISO, 1.8 aperture and a 1/150 shutter speed. I also set up auto focus for her as we didn't have enough time to set the tripod up. In post I added a bit of clarity in bridge and gradient to either side of each photo so your focus is drawn to my outfit.

The Song
So I needed something that reminded me a little bit of the sea so I choose this track by Braids. It has loads of different layers to the sound that made me think of wind and waves which was perfect for the Cromer setting of the photos. If you haven't checked them out do, there album is stunning.



  1. hi

    love this style ! the red tartan is nice , and good idea for the socks :)