How to Clash Colours: Red and Pink

I've decided that every now and then I want to do a post concentrating on experimenting with your wardrobe. I love clashing colours as I feel they can add a new dimension to your look but I also understand it can be a scary concept to try. So for my lovely readers I have put together three different ways you could clash your colours and today I am starting with red and pink.

Red and Pink
I love to clash red and pink as I think they are two stand out colours that actually really compliment each other. If you look at lots of prints you will notice red and pink together on a regular occasion. Rihanna used to wear baby pink clothing on a regular basis when she had her luscious red hair, and Sarah Jessica Parker shows how you can be covered up in a trouser and shirt but still stand out by clashing two bright colours. You can even take it down the glam party route like Emma Stone with a textured red and pink dress.

You may not want to jump straight into just two block colours in your outfit, so why not build aspects of clashing colours into your look through blending them with black. Here are some ideas for a casual  look and going out for drinks combo.

1. Knitted Fluffy Jumper Topshop £34
2. Vivienne Westwood Bag £297
3. Pink Skinny Ankle Grazers River Island £30
4. Tiana Lace Up Platforms Miss Guided £34:99 

1. Floral Clutch ASOS £20
2. Floral Crop Top New Look £14:99
3. Pink Heeled Sandals ASOS £24:99
4. Wetlook Pencil Skirt Miss Selfridge £20

Colour clashing is not for everyone so if this colour clash doesn't appeal to you then maybe you might like next weeks choices. Don't be afraid to jump out of the box and mix up items you don't think go, because 9 times out of 10 you will be surprised at what you can make work.



  1. I love red and pink together! like SJP

  2. I love this color combo, but head to toe can be a little too eye catching for normal people (celebs can pull it off on the red carpet). Your wearable suggestions are really cute!