Floppy Hats and Tartan Scarfs

This is my look from the other day when I had a catch up with Lol (you can see hers here). I had finally sewn my mini pinafore properly (I had botched it with safety pins for months) so I wanted to feature my first proper DIY project on here. I also need to wear this hat more, I love it it's so glam but it is very 'look at me' so I have to be in the right mood to walk the streets of little old St Neots in it. This post also features another bench edit and I am going to explain a little bit about how I did it so if you interested make sure you read the photo section below.

Outfit Details
Pinafore Dress- DIY
Crop Top- £3 Primark
Cardigan- New Look (old)
Hat- £4:99 eBay
Shoes- £1:04 Office Shoes eBay
Necklace- Gift
Scarf- 50p Carboot

The Look
This look is a very typical casual look for me. I live in skirts, tights and this chunky black cardigan over the winter, especially for work. The skirt actually has pinafore straps which you can just see in the jewellery close up. I brought it as a 3/4 length skirt from a vintage shop in Paris but cut the bottom off (with help from my mum because I can't cut straight to save my life) and then learnt how to turn them into straps. I wanted to clash colour and patterns with the skirt and scarf, who said florals and tartan can't be mixed. The hat jut adds a bit of glam to make it a more stand out look (it also helps to keep my ears warm).

The Photo
So in Lol's post I explained how I took the photos now I am going to explain how I created 3 me's in one image. I opened all 3 images of me on the bench in camera raw first and colour corrected so they all matched as best as possible. I then imported them into photoshop and choose one image to be the main image which I will call image 1. On image 2 and 3 I selected just the section with me and dragged that small selection into image 1. I then used the lines on the bench in image 1 as my alignment for image 2 and 3. Once they were aligned as best as I could I erased around any edges that didn't align as tight as I wanted making sure I didn't erase myself. After I was happy with image 1 I saved is as a raw file and opened it back up in camera raw. In camera raw I made the colours more vibrant and added a vignette. However if none of that made sense my friend who runs tipsquirrel has a really useful tutorial to help you create 3 of you in 1 image on a simpler background here that you could use as a starting point.

The Track
I have chosen Little Dragon Ritual Union as the track for this outfit for 2 reasons. 1 is because they are going to be at secret garden party this year and I am so excited about that. 2 because it's got this upbeat sound that I feel represents my mood on this day and the happiness in my second picture.

So there is today's outfit post. I'm off to Cromer this weekend so will hopefully have lots of lovely settings to take photos of. Anybody up to anything exciting this weekend?



  1. Wow, I really love this look. The hat looks amazing on you. :)

    Keep in touch,

  2. LOVE this track and the hat! I have one just like it :) x

    1. Simmmmooonneee you have such great taste in music ;) are you going SGP this year? x

  3. So cool how you DIY'd your dress! Super cute.


    1. I cut the bottom off a skirt and turned them into straps :)

  4. hi pretty! I've nominated you for the liebster award! take a look at my blogpost!
    ♡ stephanie

  5. I also need to wear this hat more, I love it it's so glam but it is very 'look at ... afloppyhat.blogspot.com