Thigh High

The last outfit from Stratford is mine. Like Steph's and Laura's outfits it communicates my style at first glance. I love a pair of over the knee or thigh high socks but I love it even more in the winter because I can wear them with tights. It means I don't have to have a glass of wine to leave the house, unlike if my bare skin was on show (yep I'm a typical girl with leg issues). The outfit also includes my favourite oversized denim jacket. What you cannot see is that it is padded inside which makes it super warm in this bitter cold. I am loving the pink coats that are around at the moment but because it seems everyone has one I have added a touch of pink through this beautiful scarf my Dad brought me.

Outfit Details
Faux Leather Skirt- H&M (old)
Blouse- Vintage (from the lovely Laura)
Socks- Primark
Jacket- Vintage
Scarf- Gift
Boots- River Island

Yep you've got it another throwing leaves picture, but unlike the other two I look painfully awkward. I'm always throwing direction when I take other people pictures but when it comes to taking mine I forget everything and get embarrassed. Ha, silly really when this blog is full of what could be described as a bunch of selfies. Anybody else find it highly amusing that selfie was the word of the year? Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.



  1. I love the looks ! The boots are super cute !