Two Simple Cocktails

Last weekend I had a mini cocktail party so I have decided to share the two simple cocktails I made for the girls. They are super easy to make and tasty treats to share.

Left picture not mine sourced from here forgot to take a picture on the night.
Amaretto Cooler

You need any bottle of amaretto, some fresh limes and a cartoon of cranberry. It's all about how you like it to taste so the measure are completely up to you. I made a jug with 6 squeezed limes, (make sure you put the squeezed limes in the jug as well) with 1/3 amaretto and 2/3 cranberry juice.

This cocktail has a lovely sweet, slightly marzipan taste.

Citrus Vodka

I made my own sugar syrup by boiling 2 parts water with 1 part brown sugar, you just need to let is simmer until it is a syrup consistency. To make 8 glasses I used 6 squeezed lemons (just the juice no need for the skin to be kept) with a shot of vodka, a teaspoon of sugar syrup and a spritz of sparkling water for some fizz. 

This cocktail has a bitter lemon taste but with a tad of sweetness from the syrup.

Happy cocktail making.