Sunday Roast at Brampton Mill

Visit Brampton Mill for a Sunday Roast. 

This is a post mainly for my local readers but if you are ever in the area this is a restaurant I highly recommend and is one of my favs. Glenn took me out for lunch a few weekends ago and we ended up at Brampton Mill. It's located on the River Ouse and is a beautiful converted mill full of character. The food doesn't let you down either. We had a lovely roast dinner but it was all about the dessert for me.  I am a massive dessert fan (damn my sweet tooth, it does not help with my waistline) and enjoyed a beautiful berry crumble with vanilla ice cream while Glenn went for homemade cookies and ice cream. I tried a bit of his cookie and they were thick and chewy with yummy melting chocolate. I'm wanting to ring them up to see if they will ship some round to me right now as writing about them is making my taste buds sweat. I've included some of my Instagram pics below so you can see what I'm talking about.

Before we went out for dinner I got Glenn to choose my outfit because I was having a flap and couldn't think about what to wear. I think he did a pretty good job and it's definitely one I would wear again, he also accidentally matched mine with his.

Outfit Details
Skirt- Topshop- hand me down from friend
Shirt- Primark
Shoes & Hat- Primark

Jeans- H&M
Jumper- Primark
Shoes- Converse

You can see the lovely mill in the background of the outfit pictures. To find out more details about the location of the restaurant and the menu check out their website here.



  1. I love your skirt!