Recent Blog Finds #September

I did a blog finds post at the end of August on my recent blog finds and really enjoyed it so I have decided to pick my top three of september as well. Hope you enjoy, these girls have great style in their own way and again blog about affordable and/or achievable fashion.

First up is EJStyle. She describes herself as:

"Full time Fashion Blogger dwelling in South East London. I do freelance styling & photography on the side and I love chocolate muffins and Chihuahuas, end of."

She has a great British classy style along with an amusing sense of humour. Her posts are always a joy to read and her looks ooze Victoria Beckham sophisticated femininity, but in her own way. Below is my favourite look from last month I just love the use of different shades of pink. Plus Emma has recently become a full time blogger so her blog is bursting with outfit posts and cannot wait to see what else is to come.

The next up is Melodic, Thrifty & Chic. I have actually been following her for a while but I feel the need to shout out about her incredible layered up style. She describes herself as:

"I am by no means a fashion authority, but if you can find any inspiration whatsoever in my little fashion experiments, then this would all be worth it!"

Her ability to layer is insane she inspires me with every outfit post and comes across as a real nice, down to earth kind of gal. The beaut I have chosen below is a more simple example of her layering (the top is actually a dress, this is a regular occurrence in her goddess layering abilities) but the mix of floral prints was to good not to share. 

Last but not least is A. Loos Closet. Her style strongly screams 50's to me with her perfect beehive and great use of scarves. She describes herself as:

"I really think my 21-year-old, frump-girl self would really like my 24-year-old, retro-loving self."

If you read the rest of her great about page that quote will make much more sense. She is what I would describe as a lifestyle fashion blogger as her stories that go with her outfit posts are very true and honest. Plus she has the most adorable little girls and every now and then pictures of them pop up and make you arrrrrrr at the screen. The below picture highlights her style in such great detail that I don't need to say anything about it.

Hope you have enjoyed the post again guys and enjoying look at their blogs as much as I do.



  1. Aww <3 You made me blush with this! *^_^* Thanks so much!

    - Anna

  2. Thank you so much for including me, Sian! Your words are so kind. :-)

    Love, Amy