Sheinside Asymmetrical Hollow Pleated Dress

I went to a wedding reception last night and this was the ensemble I wore for it. The dress I actually brought for my sister but it didn't fit her so I kept it for myself. I toughened it up with a leather jacket but still kept it girly with my sparkly shoes and beehive. It was the first time I attempted a beehive and it was super easy that everyone needs to try it. I may even put a tutorial together as I did mine slightly different to the tutorial I followed.

Outfit Details
Dress- £15 Sheinside
Jackets- £25 Topshop (old)
Shoes- £30 Rocket Dog (old)

You will have to excuse my photos in this post I didn't have enough time to set up and take pictures of myself so I bugged Glenn and he was in a rush to leave, so the last one is terribly out of focus but I wanted to get the back of the jacket in. This dress is perfect for a party and got a lot of comments about it. Plus this was the first time I brought anything from Sheinside and the quality of this dress for the price is great, I highly recommend it. This isn't a dress I would wear to the full day of a wedding as it's a bit short but for the wedding reception it was perfect. Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. If you would like me to do a tutorial on creating a beehive let me know below.



  1. Cute dress !

  2. I love how you paired such girly dress with this leather jacket - rocker chic! Love it

  3. Love that jacket/dress combo! It's a pretty big weakness of mine. Haha. :D You look great!

    - Anna