Romwomen A/W Dresses

Romwomen are another online shop that do clothes at a cheap price, so I thought I would share my top A/W dress picks with you. They don't have a massive collection which means you don't have to go through zillions of pages, which for me can be a good thing as sometimes I get overwhelmed with hundreds of clothes and feel like I can't truly buy something until I have seen everything...what if I missed a gem! This means online shopping can sometimes take me hours (not that I mind looking at clothes for hours). I have ordered a skirt from their website so once it has arrived I will post about it and let you know on quality and fit.

The colour contrast dress is my favourite. It has this great sixties vibe about it and would look amazing under a block colour coat with some black platform boots. The colour splice dress would be a perfect work dress with some dark coloured tights and some little doll shoes, whereas the beaded label dress is a more casual dress. It is super cute and I can just imagine it with some white pumps and frilly socks (with some nude tights for the colder weather). So those are my top A/W dress picks from at Romwomen but they have some other great pieces so make sure you check out their website here. Their website is slightly bitty but bare with it as they are a fairly new online store. They are also offering 20% off their A/W dresses and coats when you buy two items from the 15th-21st September which is a great reason to buy a dress and coat combo.