Moody Clouds ft Pretty Little Thing, Topshop & River Island

These pictures where taken on Friday when Pippa and I went out to lunch. The weather was unpredictable as it started out windy and not that warm, but by the time we finished taking these pictures the sun had came out and we were baking. Carla (Pippa's dog) decided to join us in the pictures so I thought we could use her to create more interesting images. As you can see in my pic she had much more fun rolling around rather then posing for the camera. I was going for a moody look in these pictures to fit with the grey clouds. I'm really pleased with how these images turned out and I have only tweaked the clarity and sharpness a tiny bit in post production. I get great enjoyment when the pictures pretty much speak for themselves without needing much adjustment, it makes me feel like my photography skills are improving (and Pippa's as she took my images amazingly well, think she's getting used to using the camera which is not good for her as I will be bugging her to take more) .

Pippa's Outfit
Leggings- £28 Topshop
Top- New Look
Necklace- £5 Glastonbury Stand
Wedges- £35 Pretty Little Things

Sian's Outfit
Shorts- £28 Topshop 
Top- £3 Vintage
Boots- £16 eBay but from River Island (£55 only black left)

Obviously my jumping picture doesn't fit in with the moody look, but it's quite hard not to smile when you are jumping like a muppet. Our outfits are quite different and this is something I love as it shows our style. Pippa loves leggings and she always looks great in them, her outfit is simple colours with a necklace that adds a pop of colour. Her wedges are new and she said are really comfy, perfect for walking around all day. The boots I am wearing I won on eBay for £16 which is amazing considering the retail prize. They came with the labels still on and in the box they were just unwanted but have now been welcomed into my wardrobe with open arms. I like them because I have seen no one with cut out/chelsea boots like them. The shirt was massive and drowned me bit but I felt this wasn't so obvious by cutting the sleeves off, so in a matter of minutes I transformed it into a summer sleeveless shirt. Both this outfits were to fit the summer season but when the clouds are out. Bare arms to feel the breeze but covered legs so you don't freeze to death. What's your chilly summer days essential look?



  1. i love these two looks! Nice post :)

  2. Beautiful details on that necklace! <3 Gorgeous colors in your blouse! Love that patchwork design!

    - Anna

    1. I thought you might appreciate the patchwork :)

  3. Cute looks !

  4. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous, I have one in blue we both needed them in our life when we saw them.