A/W Tartan Obsessed ft Boohoo & Glamorous

So I have been a bit of a lazy bum and not blogged for a while, except the lazy bit is a lie because I have been decorating, decorating, work ow yea and then more decorating, and this is all for one room. However our living room is taking shape and beginning to look so homey, I may share some pictures when it's all finished. In between decorating and work to make myself feel better I have been ogling at tartan clothing. It is meant to be a big A/W trend and I just can't get enough. If you follow my Pinterest expect my fashion board to be full of tartan for a while. Due to my unhealthy obsession I thought I would share the love with you lovely lot and hopefully get you fixated on tartan as well. I have chosen six items I am eyeing up, three from Boohoo and three from Glamorous on ASOS.

(Isn't this model so annoyingly beautiful? I keep staring at her luscious hair). The midi dress is a perfect length for when the weather starts to cool to still show a little leg and keep your arms nice a toasty. It will also work great with a leather jacket when your coat needs to come out of the cupboard. I would pair it with some flat chunky biker boots for a more casual look. The tartan blouse is just so easy to work into any outfit and if you not daring enough to go fully tartan or bare all in some leggings (though nothing flesh wise is on show, I still feel bare wondering round in just leggings) it's the perfect tartan piece. You can wear it over jeans, tucked into a high waisted skirt or open and thrown over a dress as a cardi. The leggings are for the more daring kind of person (I like to live on the edge sometimes) but would look  great with a crop top and some big heeled shoes. All of these items from Glamorous can be found here at ASOS.

Now this pinafore dress I NEED (capital letters and underlined just to truly emphasise that point) in my life, it's all I have been thinking about since I found it (mmm it was only yesterday, but still). I am patiently waiting for pay day next week so I can add it to my wardrobe, I have already created a space for it. It would be perfect for work with a long sleeved top and tights and then great for casual with a crop top and converse. Ow tartan pinafore dress will you please transfer yourself to my wardrobe NOW. I am also very much in love with the granny skirt, it is my second favourite item and I would style it exactly how it has been in this pic, but with some chunky jewellery to add a slightly edger look. The crop top is another easy one to style, over a dress, with high waisted items or even under a short sleeved dress or jumper so the collar is popping out. All these items and more tartan beauties can be found on boohoo's website here.

So now I have puked tartan all over you, I will leave you staring at these beauties and hopefully thinking about how you could build a bit of tartan into your wardrobe. Night. x



  1. I love the prints !

  2. That pleated skirt is fantastic! I'm in love with it, actually! Hehe <3

    - Anna


  3. Ooh I've just done a tartan post, great minds?! I'm the same as you Sian I love tartan, especially that Glamorous shirt and that pinafore dress! I'm quite liking some of the darker tartan that's out at the moment too :)

    Katie xx