ASOS Marketplace Shop

I have finally set up a 'style with friends' ASOS marketplace shop here. There are only 4 items on there at the moment but I will be adding more so make sure you keep checking. It will not only be me selling stuff, like my blog it is also a place for my friends to sell their unwanted items to go to a better loved home. I thought I would share with you the items that are for sale at the moment so if they take anyones fancy you can add them into your wardrobe.

First up is this Motel Rocks dress, it has a great print on it and is a perfect party dress.

Motel Rocks Dress- £10 Size M

This Aqua dress is so well made and a bargain for an Aqua item as their pieces are quite expensive. It's very unique and is certain to make you stand out and receive a lot of compliments.

Aqua Dress- £35 Size 10

This AX Paris playsuit is perfect for the last few weeks of summer and at £5 how can you say no.

AX Paris Playsuit- £5 Size 10

Last but not least is my friends oversized H&M shirt/dress but she is too far away to model it so you will have to put up with me I'm afraid. This shirt is perfect because you can wear it so many ways.

Just a short post today, hope some of you see something you like. Have a fab weekend.



  1. I love the first dress !

  2. Love the kaleidoscopic print on the first dress and the floral romper is super cute! ^__^ Congrats on opening up your shop! It looks like you've got some rad items up for grabs!

    - Anna

  3. I love that Motel Rocks dress! I have an ASOS marketplace account too, but I haven't used it yet. Do you like it so far? I've been using Poshmark, but they take 20% of my sale and charge a lot for shipping so I've been looking for a good alternative.