If You Haven't, You Should...

Visit Motel Rocks website.

I have recently become part of the motel rocks street team (that means you can get 25% of items if you type in the code stylewithfriends at the checkout) so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite items I own. They have also now opened up a vintage section which is defiantly worth checking out.

The first item I want you all to see was this crop top, it's one of my favs because the padded shoulders with denim strips is like no other crop top I have ever come across. It looks great over dresses and with high waisted skirts, shorts and trousers. I have worn before on my blog here. (excuse the creases I only ever iron before I wear things, lazy bum I know).

The second is my most recent purchase in their sale, it was only £10 and the lace detail is just stunning. I wore this under my short dungarees for a casual look while in Glastonbury, but it also works really well dressed up with a pastel coloured maxi skirt.

This is the first ever item I brought from Motel Rocks so it has sentimental meaning. It has a great print on then Motel Rocks have become famous for. I also shrunk it in the wash so it was a dress but I have to wear it as more of a top now. I have a high waisted denim pinafore skirt it looks great with.

This dress as much as I love I am actually thinking about selling. It's slightly to big for me and I am forever pulling it up but isn't the pattern great. I also love the pockets, just adds a bit of quirkiness to it.

Last but not least is my denim trousers. I have worn these in an outfit post here too. They are comfortable and great for all seasons as they are a light denim material. The anchor buttons are just to cute.

Well there you have it a few of my Motel Rocks favs, hopefully it will inspire you to take a look at their website if you haven't already. Don't forget to use the code stylewithfriends to get 25% off.



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