If You Haven't, You Should...

Visit Harry Potter world.

I went to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour a few weekends ago with my family and loved it. I didn't expect not to love it as I'm a media teacher anything to do with the making of films I find interesting. It was just breathtaking to see how much effort had gone into every bit of Harry Potter and each room was like a magical dream. I do have quite a few pictures here but it is literally just a glimpse into what was there. You could have got lost for hours reading, exploring and playing with all the different areas. It was my Mum's birthday on the day we visited and she got given a Harry Potter birthday badge (just to cute). The staff were also highly entertaining so enthusiastic about everything. So here are a few pictures into my experience at Harry Potter world.

Me and my lovely sisters.

This picture is my fav, it looks like I took it in the studio but everything was so cinematically lit most of my pictures look great. Pretty scary model though.

If you follow me on twitter or vine Paige and I made a silly little video of her disappearing in this tunnel.

Just a little selfie, the women in the background looks so happy.

Me and my Mum in Diagon Alley outside Eeylops Owl Emporium (had to look that up)

The beautiful wand boxes, that were all handwritten which is crazy.

Saved the best for last, Hogwarts isn't it just beautiful. It's the actual model they used to film and lights come on inside the building when it moves into the night setting.

Outfit Details (incase you were wondering)
Lace Crop Top-  £15 Topshop (cut the arms off)
Skirt- Can't remember but similar here.
Socks and Shoes- Topshop (old)

So if you haven't I would highly suggest visiting Harry Potter world it is well worth it. Don't forget to enter my F&F style competition (details here) you have until next Friday and you could win a £25 voucher.



  1. Wow cool pictures !

  2. How cool! I will definitely check this place out if I am ever in London!